Client Testimonials





I want to thank you for shipping the products so fast! As I was leaving out the door Thursday the mail lady was there with my shipment. So I took the Alma Butter with me out of town with and I absolutely love it. I make my own butter like you and sell it/give it to friends and family only (not retail). And sometimes I just don't have time to make a batch. I've tried everything out there for sell on my natural journey. And begin making butters and leave-ins through trial and error to find what works for me. I said all that to say...your butter is excellent! Excellent quality and value, but most importantly made with truly authentic ingredients. Thank you!!! Now I have something to alternate products with. I wish you success beyond you own dreams. I knew nothing about tea rinses (other than black tea or vinegar to mix clay and things with) until I was  referred to your page. What I love is that you share your knowledge. I made a couple batches of rosemary black tea rinses/spray. But now with your teas it'll cut the expense for me as you have packaged it all together (saving me money and guess work) thank you! I can’t wait to try it. And I will do all I can to promote your business!


Nadirah says: I received my bottle of Honeydew cowash and Peppermint leave in yesterday. I tried both products this morning. First thing I noticed about the cowash was the slip. My hair... isnt thin nor super thick and is brasserie stap length and I normally need a lot of product to detangle my hair. Not with this cowash. My hair was so easy to detangle and I only had a few strands my tangle teaser thing. Next I applied the leave in. Again first thing I notice is the slip. Although my hair was already detangled, my fingers glided through my hair like a hot knife through butter. I brushed the leave in through for even distribution. Then I felt the awesome tingle. Those were the only two items I used on my hair today. And I am very very pleased. Until this morning I didnt think I would ever find a products I liked as much as I do Giovanni Direct Leave In and As I Am cowash. I like these better. Mrs. Allie's cowash, leave in and deep conditioner are better than any store bought item I have ever tried


Hey everyone I tried the whipped Alma and I'm blown away. It made my hair soft and manageable plus it has a beautiful shine. Oh and not only that but the comb can actually go through my hair. Wow congrats on a job well done, Allie



Hi Allison I received my order :0) and I loooove the conditioner this is is like the holy grail of hair products my scalp & hair feel amazing I also love the whipped hair butter you made for me


 Kimberly says:

Hi Ms Allie!...I ordered the Vanilla Bean Butter, Honey Dew Melon Co...nditioner, Peppermint Hibiscus Leave-In Conditioner and the shampoo! The conditioners provided EXCELLENT slip. The Vanilla Bean Butter smells GREAT! and a little goes a long way. I'm glad that I purchased these items. I washed my hair last night and I thought I was in paradise with how the way your products made my hair feel! I've found something for my hair that my hair likes! Thank you thank you thank you for your time for making products for the natural community.


Enola says:

I just received my goodies yesterday! Extremely fast shipping! Thank you so much!! I am absolutely in LOVE with the whipped Alma butter!! I sprayed some curl refreshing spritz and then applied the hair hasn't felt this moisturized and soft since I did my first big chop in 2011!! I've started doing the LOC method but I wasn't too satisfied with the cream I was using to I've found the perfect product! Can't wait to try the leave-in and deep conditioner!!

Andrea says:

I washed my hair with your products this past weekend and I love 'em. The shampoo didn't leave my hair stripped and the conditioner had a lot of slip in it and left it soft. I applied my leave-in, then added your Vanilla Bean twist butter, and followed it up with my flaxseed gel and twist my hair. My twists are moisturized, shiny, and still haven't frizzed out. I'm on Day 3 and haven't re-twist them


Shelley says:
Allison...girrrl, you've got a ...winner with the Cupuacu Buttercreme Deep Conditioner, the most noticeable and prominent quality of your conditioner was the divine smell, it smelled so good, like desert, yummy, the second thing I noticed was the smooth, thick rich texture, which once again reminded me of desert (Like a chocolate based pudding) for the effects, went on smoothly and effortlessly and when applying it had a nice slip, instantaneously detangled my hair well and had a little tingle (what is that?), upon rinsing hair was detangled, soft and moisturized...I'm so glad I purchased 2...looking forward to doing business with you again

Malliron says:
We met back in November at the Wildseeds pop-up, on OC Haley, I purchased your Whipped Amla Butter. I am sad to say that I have scrapped the last bit out of the container and I am in need of more.

I absolutely love this product. It makes my hair feel soft, makes my skin glow and the scent is truly a head turner when I walk into the room.